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Welcome to my Website all my kitty-loving friends!
My name is Irina Fesak-Ivashchenko, I am a felinologist, a WCF registered breeder of Scottish Fold and Scottish Straight kittens, and the owner of “Gay Joker” Cattery.

On this site you can meet all our queens, sires, and the kittens from the current and previous litters.
All of them are my children, my heart and my soul, and I love them unconditionally.
I carefully screen all potential owners of my kittens. My children reside in different corners of the planet and we work closely with professional couriers to ensure safe delivery. I am grateful to all of the happy owners of my kittens for their choice.

Should you decide to purchase a kitten from my cattery please contact me as follows:

+38 (066) 418-59-81